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A Quo Vadis fan in Alaska recently asked us if we’d consider making the Space 24 in Equology, our collection of recycled paper planners.

Thus far, we’ve only made a handful of formats available in Equology: Minister, President, Sapa X, Scholar, and Textagenda. But we realize that people are increasingly interested in using sustainable products, and we’re happy to consider expanding the lineup.

If your favorite planner format were available in Equology, would you try it? In case it makes a difference, note that while our recycled paper is thicker than average at 72g, it doesn’t perform as well with fountain pens as non-recycled paper.

6 thoughts on “Expanding Equology

  1. I would always go by paper quality and feel when writing with different fountain pen nib sizes, especially comfort with XF. Excellence with fountain pen use in mind is what motivates the higher price of premium paper IMO. I have never tried Equology, but if it is not performing as well as your traditional paper I would not consider it.

  2. To add, I find it strange that apparently many fountain pen users dislike recycled paper. Growing up in Germany, I used fountain pens from grade 1 to 13, at least 90% of the time on recycled paper. Despite its grey (unbleached) colour, the paper I used was of about the same quality as the Equology products. Never had a problem with my fountain pens.
    I can’t shake the feeling that in certain countries some degree of snobbishness surrounds the use of fountain pens… when they are used by schoolkids in most of Europe.

  3. I’m so glad to see this. I just viewed the photo of this planner and would definitely give it a try. Thanks for expanding the Equology line.

  4. My world is pretty exclusively fountain pens. Until the sustainable products [modern version versus cotton rag paper] perform the same, it’s actually a waste for me to buy something I can’t use.

  5. I’ve been using an Equology Minister for two years now – exclusively with fountain pens – and I haven’t had a problem. Would love an Executive though…

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