Equology notebooks?

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Thanks to everyone who wrote in about expanding our line of Equology planners… we will keep you posted if/when we add new formats. Next question: how about an Equology notebook? They are available in France, and we’ve been toying with the idea of importing them for a while.

As before, the issue of fountain pen friendliness will doubtless play a role. But perhaps more pressingly, given how many different notebooks and journals are competing for your attention… would you try out a new option just because it’s eco-friendly?

8 thoughts on “Equology notebooks?

  1. Surely a company would make significant savings by having a universal range that is identical in all countries? You say ‘available in France’ … so why not automatically everywhere else? I believe some Clairfontaine products have different paper for the US market than for Europe. As for UK, well it is just a laugh trying to find Quo Vadis in a bricks and mortar store so I don’t even bother looking now.

  2. I would be happy to try one as long as they work well. If I had a choice between two notebooks and one was eco-friendly and the other wasn’t, I would certainly pick the eco-friendly one. I have several of the ecosystem notebooks that are available at Barnes and Noble. They are okay, but I havent purchased more than a few because the Quo Vadis Habana is just so much better.

  3. I would love an Equology notebook even if it weren’t any more eco-friendly than average, because I love the Equology paper. It has a velvety feel that I find entirely addictive! I don’t use fountain pens but all of my liquid ink pens perform just fine on the Equology paper.

  4. Absolutely. Eco-friendliness is a big factor for me, especially in notebooks and paper because I use them both in quantity. It’s not a dealbreaker in my planner selection … although I will be happy to see more of your planners offered with Equology!

  5. What is the Equology cover made of?

    Yes, I’d absolutely try an E. notebook. I can’t believe that, in their little world, some people find using a fountainpen more important than minimizing our paper (hence tree) consumption, and related wildlife and habitat. (And I still maintain, from experience, that fountainpens are very well usable on various types of recycled paper.)

  6. I would definitely try them out; they are such pretty notebooks, and one of the first things I look for in a notebook is the fact that it is eco-friendly. So I would for sure give them a shot.

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