Do you have a work Valentine?

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Karen saw this article in the Wall Street Journal last week about so-called “office spouses,” co-workers with close Platonic relationships.

It’s been years since I’ve had an office to go into every day, but I have definitely developed close friendships with some of my clients. I don’t know if it’s occurred to me to send them Valentines, however — in general, the relationships feel more familial than spouse-like.

Do you have an office spouse? Did you do anything with him or her for Valentine’s Day?

2 thoughts on “Do you have a work Valentine?

  1. In my old job at American Management Association, those of us who worked in the Membership Department were like a big family. One of the women, Sallie, became ill, and had to go into the hospital. Her family begged the hospital administration to let us come see her, because she missed us, and being with her would have given her a lift. The hospital refused, because we weren’t relatives. The family insisted to the hospital that we were “her work family” and just as important to her as they were. The hospital never relented, and we never saw Sallie again. I was terribly frustrated at the time, and it still makes me sad, now, when I remember how much we wanted to see her, and how much she wanted to see us, and we couldn’t. I hope hospitals will one day recognize the familial bonds in the workplace. Not seeing her work family added unnecessarily to her pain. And ours.

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