Move the pocket? Part II…

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A couple months ago, Karen wrote a post on Rhodia Drive about moving the Webbie’s pocket from the back to the front of the notebook, as per a reader suggestion:

I generally write on one side of each page in a journal. I also use the rear pocket for ticket stubs, receipts, mementos, etc. As the pocket gets things in it it becomes more and more awkward to write on the right side of the open journal. Has there ever been any thought of moving the pocket to inside the front cover, instead of the rear?

We got lots of great feedback in the comments (I particularly loved one commenter’s suggestion of a customizable stick-on pocket), and because I’m guessing Habana fans will also have opinions on the matter, I decided to post the question here.

What do you think? Are you happy with your pockets in the back, or would you prefer to see something different?

9 thoughts on “Move the pocket? Part II…

  1. While I don’t use the pockets at all, I see the merit of having one in front. The few times I even looked at the pocket it felt awkward and ill placed. The “stick it where you want it” idea seems the best to me.

  2. Glue sticks work for me and don’t bleed through the paper. Those times I want it in the front, I simply flip the book over and begin writing from the “back” and run the elastic the other way. Mostly, I leave the back in the back and use both sides of the pages.

    These are my conference and project books because I can file handouts in the back of the larger. The smaller make great travel diaries and hold tickets and smaller keepsakes.

    I hate to lose the pretty color varieties we’ve had – it made it easy to grab projects by color. Now I have to use a labeller on the front and spine.

    I far prefer the Habanas to the Webbies and their tasteful, less “industrial” air was one of those qualities I love. Who wants to live in black and orange all the time – ugh!

  3. Pocket should stay at the back and people need to stop filling their pocket with so much “stuff”. If it has to be in the book, then why not use double stick tape (from scrapbooking supplies) and stick it in on the page for that day/date. That’s my method of madness.

  4. I like the pocket on the back cover. I write the books purpose and then after I finish the dates used on the front cover. It seems bulky to have it all in the front. Besides, I write on both sides and don’t want to get annoyed with the notebook at the beginning do I?

  5. Just to add yet another possibility, I wouldn’t mind having the option of choosing a Webbie without a pocket at all. I have not used any of the pockets in my journals yet. However, if the pocket must be there, best to keep it in the back, where it won’t get in the way.

  6. I agree with leaving it in the back as well. I write on both sides of the page, and thus would have the same issue as the one-side-writer mentioned when I’m writing in the front of the book.

    And, though logically items shouldn’t be any less secure in the front, somehow I have the same reaction as Laurie – I have the impression things wouldn’t stay in the pocket as nicely if it were in the front.

    You can’t please everyone in this life!

  7. I agree it should be in the back. I think the pocket contents would be likely to spill out when the front cover is opened to use the book. Things are generally more secure (and therefore conveniently contained) in the back. Just my 2 cents!

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