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Another idea we’ve been bandying about recently: monthly planning. We know it’s important to people — to the point where Laurie recently made her own monthly planner to stick inside her Trinote! We can’t promise anything, but we definitely hear your concerns.

In the meantime, it’s worth noting that all Exacompta formats (Space 17, Space 24, Daily Pocket, and Visual) offer some sort of monthly planner, and that several of our monthly formats could be tucked inside other calendars:

Visoplan with IB Traveler
Monthly 4 with Trinote, Prenote, Septanote
Exaplan with Business and University (not a perfect fit, but it should work)

I realize that mashups aren’t for everyone, but since our planner films are created at least one calendar year in advance, it may be a more realistic solution for the short-to-medium term…

10 thoughts on “Monthly planning

  1. I just can’t “get” the vertical column format; in the past tried downloading the monthly supplemental pages and found writing on pasted-in pages awkward; and have found trying to juggle two books a hassle. But then, I’d love to have an ABP1 (discontinued) with monthly pages!

    It might be my old Franklin Covey training rearing up, back when it was just Franklin Planner, but the monthly view (and ideally, in front of the weekly pages for that month) is an important tool for making sure appointments and longer-term plans don’t slip between the cracks.

  2. I just took delivery of a Space 24, and I’m in love. I’m going to do a review on it shortly. Having a 2011-12 planner, and a monthly calendar, and a weekly calendar with notes is sheer perfection. The only suggestion I have it to eliminate or find a different, less space consuming way to show the holidays.

  3. I’m thrilled to return to my Journal 21 format this year and have both semi-annual and monthly that are large enough to actually write in! Finally, I can keep track of how my month is loading as I schedule.

    The weekly may fit in a pocket or purse, but they simply can’t hold it all.

  4. Weren’t there PDFs available to download for some planners last year. I couldn’t find them when I looked this year. I used one of the monthly versions tucked in my old planner.

  5. I love my Executive, but really, really need to have a monthly view as well. My ‘mini-month’ folds over the top of the weekly page. Sometimes you need to be able to see what’s going on next week!

  6. I too would love a monthly view for my weekly planner — a calendar to get a good overview of appointments, events, and travel, and some note space for noting long-term goal action items and progress on extended timeline projects …

  7. I think it would be nice to have the Prenote and the monthly four combined, because I would not have to build a “Franken Planner” Or make the cover of the Prenote accept an additional calendar of the users choosing, allowing the owner to mix and match for their needs.

  8. I had a 2011 Minister but just couldn’t make it work without the Monthly calendars. I loved it otherwise but have a REALLY busy schedule and sometimes need to see the whole month laid out at once to make sure that all my commitments are reasonably spaced out.

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