How many planners do you use?

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Plenty of people pair a paper planner with a digital device, but how many of you use more than one paper planner? Here’s how one of our fans does it:

I pair the IB Traveler with the Visoplan in a Chelsea cover, and I’ve got everything on the calendar covered!

I paired a Sapa X with a Monthly 4 last year, but the Monthly 4 was really just for gardening, and I kept it in a separate cover. And now that I’ve switched to the Space 17 — which has a monthly calendar in the front — I’m hoping to do everything in one book. Less is more! Or is it? How many planners do you use?

6 thoughts on “How many planners do you use?

  1. I use 3:
    My main planner is the Equology President, which I love and was planning to write a review with photos, if you are interested.
    I also use a Moleskine large weekly + notes as my health diary and a small Moleskine daily as a visual journal.

    • We love reviews, Christine! If you post a review on your blog, send us a link and we’ll promote it here and on our Twitter and FB pages… otherwise, you can always guest post it here.

      Hope you’re enjoying your President!

  2. I have spliced together a Monthly 4 followed by a Trinote in the Trinote’s lavender club cover. I folded down about a quarter of the Monthly 4 cover page and scotch-taped the back of the Monthly 4 and front of the Trinote. They actually fit perfectly inside the club cover and so far I am really liking this planner! Suits my monthly and weekly needs, and it’s great to be able to see my to-do’s right on the page for each month and each week.

    However, since the planner is too large to carry comfortably around with me (not just because they are taped together — the size of the two planners individually is not very portable either), I also use a Filofax Personal to keep on-the-go calendar items and appointments, as well as other things.

    Are both formats REALLY necessary? Probably not, but since I love my Filofax and my Monthly 4-Trinote, I will continue to use them until the system stops working for me. Maybe it’s just that I’m a bit of a planner junkie, though (as well as a stationery nerd and a pen enthusiast!).

  3. I am currently using a Quo Vadis Prenote planner for work and then Filofax Slimline for Personal activities. I do keep master calendar on Outlook and sync to blackberry. Then the Prenote and Filofax are used heavily to manage day to day work and personal diary records, respectively, and also manage daily priorities, task lists and assignments.

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