Habana: the new artist series

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Speaking of cover designs, I’m excited to announce a new addition to our Habana family… a suite of “artist series” notebooks with artwork on the covers. First in line are these darling “Haring Habanas,” as we call them, that feature the art of Keith Haring! We’re importing them from France, and they should be available later on this year. I’ll post more info on the timing when we have it, but in the meantime, here are the specs:

85g fountain pen friendly ivory paper
Expanding pocket
Elastic closure
Black ribbon bookmark

There’ll be four designs and two sizes in total.

“Baby,” above, comes in small (4×6) and large (6-1/4×9-1/2).

“Heart,” below, comes in small (4×6) and large (6-1/4×9-1/2).

“Earth Day” comes in small only:

“La Ronde” comes in large only:

32 thoughts on “Habana: the new artist series

  1. I’m being told my comments are duplicated. This is my first time trying to enter your give aways. I don’t know what you want me to do. I’ve said what I mean. Your journal paper is the best. I’d like to have a Habana in the give away. What else?

  2. Maybe in the future they might have different colors, like black paper, for scrapbooking, calligraphic effects.

  3. It’s nice to have some new options available. Everyone agrees that Habana’s are the best. I especially love the larger size.

  4. What if some Habana’s could be made with covers that would allow artists to design their own covers. We have many talented artists that read this, and other Blogs that would design some beautiful covers. We could even make a contest to vote for the best, and maybe the winner get featured on a limited edition Habana?

    • That’s a neat idea, Eric, but unfortunately we have a very limited budget here in the U.S. for product development… it would have to go through France, which complicates the logistics. But I will certainly propose it the next time an opportunity arises!

  5. Oh I saw these, but with different art work on the cover, at Kaufhof in Cologne. They also had them in an orange cover with a Marilyn Monroe design on the front by Andy Warhol, I thought that one was interesting. I’m a bit disappointed I didn’t grab one.

    • Lisa – Thanks, everyone!@Joey Parang mas eexticd pa ako sa yo ha. It’s a great thing! Ang lapit na! Thanks, Joey. You know, I thought I saw you in Greenhills the other day but we were passing and I wasn’t sure. Might’ve been a bit creepy if I turned back to get a good look kaya di bale na lang. Heh.@Leah You were! Ang sarap ng energy sa room mo. Chill lang, but really, really happy. We’re glad you guys like them. @Marco Wala ngang natataranta eh. It was so chill. Sige, I’ll tell Jeff you think he’s beautiful. Hahaha. May plano na? Yes, please!@Mac It was one of the happiest we’ve been to. Pads wasn’t crying in that picture. He and Marco were just having fun. Thanks, Mac. Hope to see you around. (P.S. Is it Centeno or Centeo?)@Dot You made the map, right? Real pretty.@Helene One of mine, too! The look of love, no? @Weng Salamat! Sobrang swerte kami kina Marco at Leah. Ang dali ng trabaho. Parang nanunuod lang kami ng sine. Feel-good romantic comedy.May 6, 2009 11:40 pm

    • So, here’s what I’ve discovered… the Haring Habanas are indeed available in Europe (as are a broader selection of artist series Habanas – Andy Warhol, Marilyn Monroe). But they are a new product this year, so it may be a while before they reach stores.

      If there’s a retailer near you that reliably carries our stuff, I would suggest that you go and ask about these notebooks, because they will definitely be in the catalog. Otherwise, you might try contacting our French HQ to see if they can help you track them down.

      Hope this helps!

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