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Who knew there were so many ways to use a little piece of elastic? One of the comments to my recent post on elastic bands contained a suggestion that I found so novel and surprising, I just had to repost it here:

I also used the elastic band for a bookmark, but I say the whole notebook world is upside-down! The first thing I do with a new elastic-banded notebook is…flip it over.

For me, the band is for getting USED pages out of the way, wrapped together under the “front” cover. This secures my existing notes for privacy and convenience, and leaves a bookmark for as many blank pages as I may need to rifle through while taking notes. If I need to reference existing notes, that’s when I pull a few pages from under the band. I don’t need to conceal blank pages from anybody, especially me, and I don’t like bumping into the band when I write.

The only problem, according to our illustrious commenter? “The only trouble is that I haven’t seen a decent banded book that conceals the elastic attachment points. Everytime I look at my notebook, there are the ragged nubs on my ‘front’ cover.”

I don’t think the problem is so easy to fix; after all, the elastic’s gotta be attached to the notebook somewhere, and if it’s not glued to the “back” of the cover it creates a bumpy surface for those who use the notebook the — I wouldn’t say, right way around — shall we say the traditional way?

Nonetheless, a very interesting idea.

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  1. In regards to Mr. Collins comment, I might kindly point out that yes, I am left-handed. I also enjoy using items in the way they are intended, and in-fact do not use my notebooks the way that is mentioned in the above post. For me, the elastic strap is usually used to keep the book closed and is folded over the back cover when in the open “writing position”.

    However, I can understand how some people use their notebooks backwards (in fact Roaring Springs even makes a “Lefty” notebook, which I have purchased and used with great effectiveness in the past – http://www.amazon.com/Roaring-Spring-Lefty-Notebook-Subject/dp/B001QY12EW) for reasons of comfort as well as ease of writing (the spiral winding on most notebooks “cuts/indents” into my hand after a while, causing some pain and aggravation, something right-handed people usually do not experience). It’s hard to understand some of the left-handed difficulties until you realize that many things are made with right-handed people in mind.

    As for designing and manufacturing it ourselves, that usually involves large amounts of capital, which most people don’t happen to have lying around. So, instead of following that route, we sometimes politely appeal to our favorite brands/companies for a project more suited to our needs, allowing them to enlargen and please their consumer base as well as open up a possible new source of profit.

    This is one of the reasons I respect Exaclair, Exacompta, Quo Vadis, and Clairefontaine as much as I do, even though I’ve only been a customer for a short time. Firstly, the customer service and care is awesome. Secondly, they listen to the consumer, the ultimate end-user of their product. I’ve seen several places where Exaclair has asked the public, “What do you like/not like about our product, what would you change?”, and they don’t just ask and forget it, they act on the response. So, kudos to Exaclair… 🙂


  2. Perhaps flipping the notebook over and writing from back to front, “bottom” to “top” as I’ve done on occasion when I wanted to use the book like this will satisfy. Puts the pocket in the front and is one of the reasons I prefer not to have brand logos on pages to flag the “wrong” use.

  3. I would guess that you’re left handed too. Why not just use stuff the way it is designed to be used and, if you want something different, design it and manufacture it yourself?

  4. The most obvious answer is to “mount” the elastic strap on the inside of the “front” cover instead of on the outside. This would allow you to hold back your note pages while also keeping it out of sight.


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