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Here’s a suggestion we received from a Scholar user:

I wish you could get more decorative colors, or covers with a little bit of a design. Only the nonrefillable ones have a design, which I almost got except I harm the environment less with a reusable cover, so make some covers for the hippies in the world!

When I first started blogging for Quo Vadis, Karen sent me a lovely planner from our Robert le heros collection — powder blue, at that time. The format didn’t work for me, so I switched to a refillable planner. First, though, I ripped the leatherette cover off its cardboard backing since it seemed silly to let it go to waste. (Sadly, it didn’t look as inspiring after it’d been skinned, and is doubtless now buried deep in some box somewhere.)

At any rate, I sympathize with those who want a bit of decoration on their covers – though I daresay our Club covers offer plenty of fun colors! The reason we don’t make reusable graphic covers is because of our licensing agreements, which are negotiated in France and geared toward the French marketplace. We can license those designs in the US, but we can’t change the basic terms of the agreement.

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  1. My new lavender covered Journal 21 is too pretty to want patterns. But when I had the black cover, there was nothing stopping me adding to it. In my case, it was labels using my labelling machine, enumerating projects I was working on, writers seminars to plan for and so on.

    Let your artistic side go! I suspect some of the old fashioned kitchen contact paper or samples of wallpaper would work nicely for the more talented among us.

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