1670: The future of a limited edition

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Last year, J. Herbin introduced a color called rouge hematite in honor of their 340th anniversary. It was created as a limited edition, and it did very well for us over the course of the year. Now that it’s 2011, we’re fielding questions about its continued availability.

If you’re a fan of rouge hematite, or you haven’t gotten the chance to try it yet, there’s good news: the ink will be in production at least through 2012. After that, we’re not sure. As you might have guessed given its name, the intention was originally to make, well, a limited edition. If people keep asking for it, though, we’ll definitely consider adding it to the permanent line-up.

What do you think? Should limited editions truly be limited?

37 thoughts on “1670: The future of a limited edition

  1. My vote is to keep making the 1670 ink, keep the name and just keep adding more cool colors to the line like you are with the blue thats coming out soon. I realize it was meant to be a limited run but whats the point? people love it so please keep making it and keep adding colors.

  2. Please don’t discontinue this magnificent ink, it is my favorite ink of all. It truly is regal in color and shading.

  3. I’ll be honest with you, I have never used this ink, but looking at the reviews of it and blogs about it, people are crazy about this ink. And furthermore, I cannot find this ink anywhere, it is completely sold out.

    I would like to have tried this ink and perhaps even turned a couple of people onto it if it were available.

    I put my vote in for the idea of adding this ink to the permanent product line so more of us can enjoy this ink, and in fact put it to good use. I see some hoarders out there who have bought this ink and are using it sparingly because its going to go away after some time, which is a shame. And I’ll admit it, I’d be doing the same if I had owned this ink.

    And I also would vote for it to be made available in a regular bottle. The original wax cap bottle could in itself be the novelty item that was “limited edition”. At the end of the day we care about how the ink looks and performs on paper. The fancy bottle is just an added bonus.

  4. I know I’m a little late to the petition party, but PLEASE keep making Rouge Hematite!!! It’s my favorite ink and I only have about seven mL left!

  5. I believe they should add the colour to the regular line but in a regular bottle. I really like this colour and wished I used it more often.

  6. Aaargh—as soon as I tried a sample from Goulet and decided to order a bottle, there was nary a drop to be found ANYWHERE. Please continue making it. The bottle is lovely and served as enough of a “special edition” on its own, IMO.

    I’ll miss the bottle, but I’d buy the ink even if you sold it in little plastic milk cartons. 😉

  7. I’m in line with a number of folks here, keep the ink coming! I only just recently received a sample of it to try, and it is amazing in my 1.5m nib Lamy. As others have said, make the bottle/packaging limited edition, but make the ink a part of the J. Herbin family!

  8. I love this ink. After writing my first letter with it, I immediately ordered another bottle so that I’d have a stand-by. Unfortunately, I almost never can bring myself to actually use it because I’m afraid that I’ll run out and then there won’t be any more ink available; so any time I want to use it, I have to make sure the occasion is “special enough” for it. If this color was made available permanently, I would probably use it for almost all of my writing because it would take away the worry of it running out.

  9. What attracted me to the ink in the first place is the bottle. Its so unique and I rely love the wax seal, its brings an added character of its own. The ink is especially nice and wet, and looks awesome with the glass dip pens, and the shading is inkreadable! J. Herbin doesn’t have a red that nice I think they should carry everything as is permanently.

    The Ink bottle looks awesome on my desk and everyone makes good comments about how nice it is. I was looking for a good inkwell to store some inks in but I said to myself that the bottle looks good all on its own. In fact, I thought about purchasing a few more so that I can keep the bottle for other inks.

    I’ve seen the J. Herbin Ink bottles with the pen rest and it looks alright maybe compromise by making a smaller 30ml bottle instead of the 50ml bottle and price it respectively cheaper.

    A lot of companies make a limited version of their product and then offer it as standard the next year due to the high demand of the product. It wouldn’t be false advertisement, it would be the sole reason of the advertisement that brought this ink to the top!

  10. I agree with the sentiment to discontinue the special bottle, title and packaging, but continue production on this ink! Or maybe use it as a spearhead for a new series of thicker or vintage colored inks? An emerald or lapis colored ink with the same jewelly weight would be awesome.

    I feel it is more of a tease or gimmick to buy the limited ink and not even be able to use it for fear of running out!

  11. I agree with a number of the comments here. I really like this ink. I would like to continue using it. After 2011 it really aught not to come in the anniversary edition wax sealed bottle. Stick it in a 30 and a 100 mil bottle. I can refill my old bottles with the 100 – don’t change the formula, it seems almost perfect. It shades beautifully.

  12. First, this is a great ink! I have three bottles and one of my pens is permanently married to it. I use it for journaling when the mood is right and for accents and corrections in my creative writing, which is done using my beloved Olympia typewriter. I’d love to see it go away only to come back as a regular product in regular bottles just in time to pick it up when all my bottles run dry. Maybe drop the “1670” part of the name and lower the price to be in line with the other inks. 100 ml refills would be great too. However you do it… don’t let it go away for good!!!

  13. I stocked up on this ink because it was limited. This is probably part of the reason sales on this ink were good in 2010 (people liking the ink and buying an extra bottle or two for later). I truly believe they should’t continue producing it because nobody will have faith in the “limited” label next time, and a company that is 340 years old should be more about principles than cheap marketing tricks. If people like the ink, make it in the regular bottle with a slightly altered formula.

  14. PLease keep producing it.I love it in my Noodlers ebonite with a flex nib and it’s good in most of my vintage pens as well.
    Just call it Rouge Hematite and put it in the standard bottle.
    That way it’s still a “limited” for those who care about that.
    And frankly,I HATE when a lot of “limited” things get bought up by speculators hoping to rape us later.I wouldn’t do “limited” editions.

  15. I agree with what has been already said, continue to produce it, in a regular bottle (either 30 or 100 ml) and retire the fancy bottled version.

  16. Love the ink since the DC Pen show in August. I enjoy the pretty bottle but love the ink and use it regularly. So I agree with others above that Herbin should keep the color in its regular line and just put it in a regular bottle.

  17. I think the ink should stay in production! It really is a great red color and would be a shame if it went away forever. I agree with those who say a regular Herbin bottle, but I think it should still be “1670 Rouge Hematite” After all it is to commemorate the year, what good reason is there to drop the year from the label.

    Thanks for listening to the users/public opinions.

  18. I like the idea of putting it in a standard bottle, and the existing bottle be the limited edition. Perhaps remove the “1670” label as well, and just go with “Rouge Hematite” too.

  19. I love this ink, and used it in all my Valentine cards I sent out, and I would like to see it stay in the lineup. The decorative bottle could be retired, but I would keep the ink. Maybe in a standard 100ml bottle?

  20. I agree with what other people have said – make the special bottle the “limited” thing, and continue to make the ink and sell it in the regular 30ml (or even better, 100ml) Herbin bottles. It’s one of my favorite inks now and I’d really hate for it to become completely unavailable.

  21. This is a great ink and I would hate to see it go away. I am definitely on the ‘keep the ink in production in a standard bottle’ camp.

  22. I agree with Missive Maven. I am less likely to buy a limited edition, in case I fall in love and can’t get it. I think you should keep producing it, but in a more standard bottle. That was, the bottle is still LE but those that love the colour can still get it.

  23. The ink is great, it’s by far my favorite red and it would be a shame for it to go away. But I say keep it avail and roll it into the product line as a standard 30ml bottle, drop the “1670” and just sell it as Rouge Hematite. As a purchaser (and user)of the limited product I’ll still have the cool bottle and outer box but at least I won’t lose the ability to get such a great ink.

  24. I really love this deep,rich color too. I have to agree that a “limited edition” should be limited. I also like the idea that it could be that the bottle become the ‘limited’ part. I still think the ink deserves a ‘special’ bottle but perhaps not ‘the’ limited edition bottle. I think everyone’s wishes can be accommodated.

  25. Continue producing the ink but change the bottle and make it cheaper. This way people can still get this ink with its excellent shading but they won’t be able to get the special bottle anymore.

    I would hate for this ink to go away forever. Like someone else said, I’m reluctant to use it because I know it’s a “limited” edition.

  26. I’m thrilled they’re continuing to make this ink. It’s a great color and there are plenty of people that still haven’t had a chance to try it (or use it as much as they wanted). I don’t think the intention of J. Herbin making this ink was to ‘limit’ it to drive up demand for it. If they’d really cared about the demand they would have made a more usable bottle! They made a great ink to commemorate their anniversary, and I think that was their sole intention. I doubt they intended it to be as hot as it was in 2010, as it always sold out in record time, and was darn near impossible to ever find.

    I for one would love to see it continue to be made. It’s not like an LE pen that can essentially last for generations, this ink is a consumable! My vote is to discontinue the beautifully designed bottles (that are probably most of the reason for the ‘limited’ aspect of this ink anyway) and let people buy as much of it as they want for as long as there’s a demand for it! Dump the ink into 100ml bottles and sell it regularly from here on out, that’s my vote 😉

  27. I am really impressed with 1670 Rouge Hematite. It is a beautiful, rich color. I vote to continue making it available. The limited part can apply to the special bottle.

  28. I adore this ink and would hate to see it go out of production. I am generally LESS likely to use a limited edition ink, because I don’t want to grow to love it and then find it unavailable. I got a sample of this ink and became hooked, so I’ll put in a vote to add it to the regular lineup.

  29. This does bring up a recurring theme. Ink bottles need to be usable for modern pens. If the bottles are still based on dip pens, but the ink is going in large modern pens with long nibs, AND wide barrels, shouldn’t the bottles make it easier to use the product?

    Or else sell some modern inkwells that prevent evaporation and permit refills from pens the size of a Visconti or MB 149 without wasting lots of ink.

  30. I agree with annie. However, I also didn’t get a chance to buy it yet, so the fact that it’s continuing to be made is good news to me! So ultimately I suppose I agree with the folks who said that you should continue to make it, but use a standard bottle, so the special 1670 bottle is still considered “limited.”

  31. I think the word ‘limited’ and its intention will lose its value if you keep producing the product or if you bring it back years later. I would feel ‘tricked’ if you keep on producing an item that’s supposed to be limited when it started. That’s just how I feel about it.

  32. Limited editions should be limited. Once the limit is reached then cease production. If the LE was popular and there is still a demand then you could bring it back after some time has passed. Bring it back in a standard bottle and packaging with a different/standard name. If you bring it back after a year or less then don’t draw any attention to it. If it is more than a year then let your retailers know that it is similar (even if it is the same formulation) as the LE ink.

  33. I stocked up as I love the color. But not to hoard or collect. To USE!

    I prefer the regular formulation Herbin as they’re safe in all my pens and I have to warch this one around the lighter colored resins and celluloids. I also have to rinse more often.

    But this color is worth the pain of extra maintenance.

    If it went away, I’d go back to the regular colors. To me, ink, like my pens, is meant to be used.

  34. I love my 1670. I have it in my “Distinguished” pen. In all reality, it’s the “Distinguished ink.” What I mean by that is I keep 1670 loaded in my Lamy Studio with gold/steel nib (my nicest pen) and I only use it for two reasons: 1) I use a different ink each time I journal, so it’s in the rotation, 2) If I am doing a “thank you” note with my G. Lalo paper, I use the 1670. It is limited, or was, so I didn’t use it much. It was special “that way.”
    It was special when you couldn’t get it. It was special when I told a friend gawking at the bottle in November to “get some while you can” because they’re going to stop making it in December 2010.
    Quite frankly, when Brian Goulet told me they were going to continue making it for a while, I started using the ink more. It lost it’s luster with me. Interestingly enough, I emptied the pen about two hours ago (it was already about bone dry of ink) and put in a shot of Visconti Turquoise which a friend bought me for Christmas. If the 1670 had been more limited (special), I would have bought another Lamy Al-Star for the Turquoise, which I had been threatening to do.
    IF, you are going to continue to make the ink, I recommend dropping the bottle. Just my suggestion.

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