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If you haven’t already heard about this over on Rhodia Drive, be sure to check out Exaclair’s new page on supporting local retailers.

In addition to explaining our commitment to working with local, independent outlets, we’ll periodically feature a retailer that’s particularly unique or well-loved. This month, for example, we profile Pieritz Bros in Oak Park, IL.

Is there a retailer in your area you’re particularly passionate about? If so, please feel free to comment on this post or contact us with suggestions about the places we should feature in the future!

4 thoughts on “Supporting local retailers

  1. The Exaclair link seems to be broken.

    I’m still hunting for a local retailer other than Target, which doesn’t carry the Rhodia sizes I use. Until then, I order online, mostly from Goulet Pens, all tho’ Pear Tree Pens is another good source, and farseer who sells thru the Fountain Pen Network is very reliable as a small source as well. Writer’s Bloc got me started, but is on the wrong side of the country, so the shipping becomes problematic for an East Coast user.

  2. I like this post a lot 🙂

    Here in Boulder the best place to get Rhodia is from a hardware store! So you can be manly and refined in the same shopping trip. McGuckin’s is great; I’d say it actually rivals most of the art supply stores in town

  3. I strongly recommend Bob Slate Stationer in Cambridge (three locations). That store is fabulous! Perhaps my favorite store in the world! They carry everything, including office and art supplies, cards, calendars, fountain pens, and plenty of Exaclair products! The staff is friendly, too, and the prices are extremely fair, especially considering their main location is by Harvard!

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