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So our traditional fall ink giveaway has become more of a winter affair (what can I say, we’ve been busy). I daresay that doesn’t mean you won’t still enjoy the colors… some of which are more wintery anyway:

Gris Nuage
Ambre De Birmanie
Lie De The
Cacao Du Brasil
Cafe Des Iles
Terre De Feu
Poussiere De Lune
Bouton D’Or
Orange Indien
Larmes De Cassis

You’ll find more info on them at the J. Herbin website.

To enter, leave a comment on this post before Thursday, December 16 at midnight EST. We’ll select the winners at random, and follow up via email to sort out mailing addresses and color preferences.

Good luck!

107 thoughts on “Ink giveaway!

  1. I just got contacted because I apparently won. I post not to gloat but to thank everyone who brought this contest to us and also to let people know this has been resolved since people sometimes get concerned.

  2. Well – I am now the local ink provider to all my fellow teachers as they love all the groovy colors that i buy! I have turned them onto your site and hope they do not beat me out of being a winner

    Gray Nuage looks like the sky outside right now!

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