How do you use your Quo Vadis?

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Today, we’re launching a very cool, if I do say, new project: a dedicated area of the blog with stories about all the ways that people use their planners.

But first, we need your help. Whether you use your Quo Vadis for birding or bible study, we want to hear about it. Tell us what you do with your planner so we can share it with our readers, and we’ll send you a planner of your own, just in time for 2011! We’re looking for actual stories, not just a sentence or two — something that explains your ideas in a way that’s understandable (and even inspiring) to other readers.

In the meantime, we’ve posted a couple of sample stories, which you can check out at the project’s homepage.

Happy planning!

6 thoughts on “How do you use your Quo Vadis?

  1. Hello,
    last Friday, I submitted my story (and a photo) of how I would use a QV planner to you. I don’t see it posted, and I haven’t heard back from you either… I was wondering if you received it? I’d love to hear back from you, even if to say that you have no use for it. Thanks.

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