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Habana news, hot off the presses!

In 2011, we’ll be switching our Habana notebooks over to the same paper as Quo Vadis France. The ones we sell in North America will still be made in the US, but they’ll now contain ivory colored paper that’s 85g in both small and large (and lined and unlined) versions.

The decision was made in the interests of international standardization.

I know people have strong preferences when it comes to white vs. ivory, and all Clairefontaine brand notebooks will continue to be filled with bright white paper — as will the Rhodia pads, though the Webbies have ivory paper. If you’re looking for a notebook that’s got white paper AND a Habana type cover, keep in mind that you can get much the same effect with a Clairefontaine basics notebook and a leatherette planner cover. I’ll be experimenting with other planner cover/Clairefontaine combos in the weeks to come.

In the meantime, we don’t yet have any samples of the new Habana, but I’ll be sure to post more information and updates as soon as we do…

UPDATE: If haven’t already seen it, please check out Karen’s comment about the switch, and our future plans.

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  1. I’m obviously WAY late to the party! BUT–as much as I love my Webbie, I MUCH prefer bright white paper. I don’t care as much about cover color, or even line width (if it’s too narrow/wide you can always get blank) but the paper COLOR is vital. –I understand the change, but I think it was not the best decision ever. Unfortunately, Clairefontaine (Exaclair) has yet to make a notebook with bright white paper that compares to the Habana in cover quality. Nor are there any quality notebook companies that make a nice, bright white notebook.

    Mind you, I do think that Exaclair products and customer service remain top notch in an era where those things together (and all too often independently) have, sadly, gone the way of the Dodo.

  2. Hey Karen,

    Last week I ordered a small Habana from the Goulets at gouletpens.com and after about 10 journal entries, here’s what I’ve got:

    Written in the Ink Nouveau blog for the announcement of the change last year: http://goo.gl/4JVgx
    “I have an old 90 Gram Habana and I just got a new small Habana at 80 or 85 (whatever). I’m sorry, but I’m getting bleed through with a Lamy fine nib using Noodler’s Bernanke blue and black (which are extremely fast drying inks).”

    I don’t know what the difference is here. You mention right here in your post that the Rhodia is 80 grams and I’ve never had bleed through on any of my Rhodia Webbie journals.

    BTW, I don’t mind the ivory pages. In fact, I like it. 🙂 You just can’t make everybody happy, I guess.

  3. Janie, thank you for writing to describe your experience with both books. I am going to see if we can do a limited edition white paper Habana sometime in 2012. I’ll report back via QV Blog. All the best, Karen

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