Are you switching planner formats?

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I’ve used a Sapa X planner for the past few years, but this fall I decided to switch to a different pocket format: the Space 17.

On the one hand, the Sapa’s blank daily boxes fit my unpredictable and un-appointment-heavy schedule. But I’ve long lusted after a full page of notes for each week — just think how much stuff I’ll be able to keep in one place! Addresses, to dos, and all the random details I now jot down in the idea notebook I always carry with me, but that sometimes get lost in that clutter … It will take some adjustment, I’m sure, but I’m already excited to make the transition this week.

Plus, I’ve already found the perfect use for my old Sapa covers.

Are you switching planner formats? What prompted your decision?

6 thoughts on “Are you switching planner formats?

  1. I’ve just switched from the Minister with Habana binding (1.5 years) to the new Rhodia weekly planner. I miss having a rigid cover, but I love the full page of grid paper. It’s perfect for the various lists and notes I make through the week. I especially love that this planner offers the same amount of scheduling space for each day – no longer does Sunday seem to visually ‘disappear’ from my week.

  2. I’m switching from Space 24 to Note 27 this year, the main reason being even more space for notes. The Note 27 is a very nice elegant planner, but may be a little too big. I may go back to Space 24 next year, especially given the new Notes inserts. Only time will tell.

  3. I use a Textagenda for school and the Sapa X for a social planner. I like them both but I’ll probably try switching the Sapa X for a monthly type planner next year. I find some weeks are just too empty for a weekly planner.

  4. Just made the switch from a Moleskine Weekly Planner to a QV Weekly Manager. So, not strictly a format change (both have weekdays down the left side and notes down the right) but a change to the better quality Clairfontaine paper and the larger planner size. The Weekly Manager gives me more flexibility as to choice of writing implement; 2H propelling pencil or Lamy Safari with Herbin Lie de The. Both look great on the ivory coloured paper.

  5. I tried switching planner formats, and usually do so mid-point in the year, around the academic/fiscal year change. Currently, finding that my Journal 21 has stood the test of time for my system. I put a line in the middle with a mechanical pencil loaded with 2B or 3B graphite and ruler, splitting the journal area into my side and my kid’s side appointments. If I use it, in fact, for a journal, the pencil line is easily erased. The size is nice for sticking in my smaller bags when I don’t use a backpack, and looks professional enough for work, but the color (Monaco Blue) is also playful enough to not take myself so seriously.

    Hoping to find an insert that could fit in my old covers, I was unsuccessful and took that as a message from the universe that I should stick with this format. (grin)

    I’m picky too – the paper has to be smooth enough for me to write on with whatever I can find at the moment: Lamy Joy, Pilot Penmahship, mechanical pencil, Uni superfine point pens, or whatever the kid has in the school bag.

  6. I’m once again making my own planner. The “base” is the Nostalgie notebook with the “Giant Panda” cover that Karen Doherty kindly sent me earlier this year. I’ve been journalling in it on and off but still have lots more pages to fill (it’s a 200-sheet notebook). So I decided to use it for my 2011 planner. But since I already started writing in the front section, I decided to make a Chinese planner. Chinese writing is from right to left and Chinese books open from the right, which is the back of an English book. I hope I’m making sense here.

    So my 2011 planner will be in the back section and open from the back cover, and the journal will remain in the front section.

    There are two sections in the planner – the monthly section, each month over two pages, and the weekly section, each week over two pages. The weekly section is where I’ve changed the layout. 2010’s weekly layout, which I adapted from the Space 17 planner, featured the five week days on the left page and the two weekend days on the bottom of the right page, with the rest of the page for notes. The 2011 weekly layout, which I saw in a photo on Flickr, will feature 4 quadrants on each page, with a day to a quadrant. On the right page, the bottom right quadrant is for notes.

    BTW, during one of my trips to China this year, I took a picture of my “Giant Panda” notebook with two live giant pandas. You can see it here:

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