The Mezzanine and the Page-A-Day

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I just started Nicholson Baker’s odd and excellent novel The Mezzanine, which takes place during a single trip up an escalator and conjures an amazingly detailed portrait of contemporary office life. Here’s one passage that made me smile:

When I came in early in the morning, I sometimes watched (through the glass wall of my office) Tina advance the date of the date-stamper … by a single digit, a performance that by now probably began the day for her, as her first office act—just as my turning ahead my Page-A-Day calendar, with its two hoops of metal over which you guided the holes of the postcard-sized page, to the next day (which I always did last thing the night before, because I found it deflating to confront yesterday’s appointments and “to do’s” first thing in the morning) had become the escapement on which my own life ratcheted forward.

Does anyone else turn their daily (or weekly) calendar pages forward the night before?

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  1. Yes, I sort of do that. I go over what I accomplished today and then transfer what I need to do yet over onto tomorrow’s list so it doesn’t get lost in the onslaught of the next day. So I start the day by immediately looking at the present tasks at hand.

    You can’t change the past, you can’t predict the future, but you can live in the moment.

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