What’s in a name?

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Image by Jeff Lowe

Our recent discussion about the ABP/1 reminded me of a couple points of trivia I figure our readers might be interested in: where do our planner names come from?

Many of them, unfortunately, are shrouded in the mists of time, but here are a few etymologies I’ve managed to track down:

Visoplan: As you might imagine, VISO stands for vision and PLAN for planning.

IB Traveler: This is the English translation of a French format called ITALB, where “ITAL” stands for “Italy” and “B” for “Benedetto” (the name of the manager of Quo Vadis Italia in the 70’s).

ABP/1: As I mentioned in this comment, this format was named after the factory in Marseille where our plastic covers were originally manufactured. It stands for Au Beau Plastique, which means The Beautiful Plastic.

Minister: Contrary to what English speakers might imagine, this name takes its cue from the French word for Secretary i.e., Secretary of Defense, Secretary of Education, etc.

Alas, no-one seems to know where Sapa X comes fromt

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