To-do tattoo

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Image by Rob and Stephanie Levy

I found this amazing photo on Flickr while searching for a picture to illustrate my recent post on to-do lists.

I often scribble important to-dos on the back of my hand. This Aussie took the idea a big step further with a to-do list tattoo. The lines on Steph’s arm are blank, and I’d guess she uses a sharpie to fill in each particular task.

Check out Rob and Steph’s Flickr stream for more amazing photos.

2 thoughts on “To-do tattoo

  1. I’m so flattered you like my tattoo! It’s been extremely useful! I actually use a liquid eyeliner pen to fill it in. I’ve tried a whole bunch of pens and markers, trying to find the best option, but most are difficult to wash off. The eyeliner pen is made for use on skin, easy to write with and is pretty resilient against smudging and small amounts of moisture while still being very easy to wash off.

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