Les Couleurs des Encres Herbin

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For years I have been asking J. Herbin to send us the origin of the Herbin inks – the name and the inspiration behind the color.   Unbeknownst to me, Quo Vadis Japan had been asking for the same thing!

We recently received the information, and posted it on the J. Herbin website here.

I didn’t modify their English translation. I thought their wording best expressed the romance and the poetry of each color.

Earlier this year Quo Vadis Blog readers voted for a  “Fall Colors” Herbin ink giveaway.   In honor of Halloween, a small orange Rhodia pad or a black dotPad will be included for each lucky winner.

The contest will run next week.   Good luck to all!

3 thoughts on “Les Couleurs des Encres Herbin

  1. Another thank you! I’ve bookmarked the page for when I don’t have my swab sheet handy and am wondering what ink to buy next. I just spotted 2 I haven’t tried before and really should…

  2. These are great descriptions! I’ve always loved the names and colors of the Herbin inks but now I know the inspirations, too. I enjoyed reading that Bouquet D’antan, one of several inks I own, is the color of nostalgia, of times past.

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