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Our French parent company recently launched a new blog about writing, culture, and communication, so if you speak French or you want to practice, head on over to J’ai rendezvous avec ma vie (“I’ve got an appointment with my life”) and check it out. Murielle, who’s pictured above, is the self-described working girl and maman hyperactive who runs and writes the blog. Here’s how she introduced herself to us in an email:

” My name is Murielle. I’m a French woman, living in a big town in France. I can say I really need to be active in my own life. I can’t live without sun, flowers and enthusiasm. I love listening music and singing in my car. That gives me the energy to work and be kind of a wonderwoman I can say !! Discussing with friends of mine is one of my favourite leisure. I also appreciate silence, that gives me inspiration and ideas to write on the Quo Vadis blog. I can’t spend one day without laughing, and one week without swimming. Every week I swim more than 1km with an aqua mp3, in a swimming pool not far from my house. My favourite color ? Brown… like the dark chocolate I eat every day !! I’ve got an ipod of course, 2 children, 3 orchids and no pets.”

We’re currently exploring cross-blogging and other ways to work together, so look for more from Murielle in the future!

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