Guest post: French design meets New York hotels

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This morning, my French counterpart, Murielle, took on a topic that’s close to home here in New York City… French-designed hotels. I worked with our product manager, Cecilia, to do a quick translation; you can find the original post here.

The French journalist Sylvie Adigard, who specializes in trends and design, came back a few weeks ago from a trip to New York, where she scouted out a few hotels… and not just any hotels! She took a closer look at ones that had recently been renovated by famous artists and interior designers — that were “made in France”!!! Among them were The Mark, Ace Hotel, The Standard & Le Royalton. The designers and artists, Jacques Grange and Philippe Stark, brilliantly participated in the renovation of these hip hotels in the Big Apple while preserving an “industrial loft” look.

Each hotel reflects, in its way, the spirit of its neighborhood. Located in the heart of Manhattan, along the Hudson River or the High Line, the Mark, Ace Hotel, The Standard and Le Royalton expose a brand new decor and make a proud and strong statement of the trends set by NYC hotels. They represent a return to the essentials, with the precious help and talents of our French interior designers!! Whereas Jacque Grange contributed to the renovation of The Mark Hotel, opened in 1927, Philippe Stark created a sophisticated and complex renovation for Le Royalton, which reopened in 2007… And the Ace Hotel affirmed its willingness to be a common place where New Yorkers and also tourists meet… For all these reasons, why not go to New York to report and check out these new trends for ourselves? New York, New York…

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