Clairefontaine and club: Basics get a new cover

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How cool is this: I was cleaning out my desk the other day when I found a couple old Sapa X covers and two staplebound Clairefontaine basics. Turns out, it’s a perfect fit — with the tiniest bit of care, I was able to maneuver the notebooks snugly into each cover. Here’s a shot from the side:

I love the pared-down aesthetic of the ordinary basics cover, but the sleeker, more professional look of the leatherette club is hard to argue with. It’s also the perfect way to put those old covers to use, and makes me feel better about switching to the IB Traveler, which I’m thinking of doing next year.

The fact that I had one red and one spring green cover, and one red and one green basics notebook… well, that was just gravy. My only question is: what should we call this mashup? Sapics? Basix? Basa X?

7 thoughts on “Clairefontaine and club: Basics get a new cover

  1. Hi Rox, I’ll play around with some notebooks and planner covers the next time I’m in the office and let you know what I find. We don’t always have samples of everything at hand, so it may take a while to try out all the different combinations… but I will definitely keep you posted!

    A steady supply of too-much-to-consume-in-one-sitting writing materials is definitely a perk of this job, David!

  2. It’s funny that you posted this because I’ve been thinking of doing something similar. I love the Clairefontaine Basics notebook (clothbound, 14.8 x 21 cm, 192 pages/96 sheets) but would love a cover. I try my best but the notebooks get fairly banged in my bag and I would love to get a more durable cover that I can just refill whenever I finish a notebook. I was thinking maybe one of the covers that normally come with one of the planners from Quo Vadis might work. I’m just worried about the thickness. Any chance anyone around the office might want to see if that notebook fits any of the covers. Pretty please :-).

  3. What a great discovery! The Basics notebooks are practically indestructible anyway, but finding a reasonably priced cover for them is a nice option. And other similarly sized pocket notebooks that aren’t as durable as the Basics would benefit even more from a sturdy cover.

  4. Oh, what a great idea!

    I have a lovely green cover from the organiser you sent me (which I wasn’t able to review the insides of thanks to some *cough* unfortunate help from a kitty with kidney issues who thought my desk might be a litterpan, and thus far I’d been too embarassed to tell you *blush*), and I’m going to pull it out and see if it fits any of my journals. Thank you for hte idea!


  5. that’s great! I have long wanted an inexpensive cover for the clothbound Clairefontaine (the sewn one, I think called age bag in the EU) and have tried to stuff it in my old Trinote covers, but no dice. Now I have to see what else I can try it in…!

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