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So this is cool: Steve of Philofaxy recently took a Timer 21 (a French format that’s similar to the North American Trinote), a Filofax A5 hole-punch, and his A5 Filofax Pocket binder and voila! A brand new planner. Steve also discovered another format, the Timer 17, that’s compatible with the Personal Size Filofax. UPDATE: without extra hole punching!

Of course, his task was made easier by the fact that the Timers 21 and 17 already use a loose-leaf system. Here in North America, our planners are bound books and thus aren’t as easy to adapt to other covers. Still, we once heard from a woman who took apart an ABP/1 and put the pages in her FranklinCovey binder. When there’s a will, there’s a way!

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  1. I read this post and liked the non-dashboard option, with just an open notes column. I find it hard to ignore the segment headings and would prefer the flexibility to organize my own categories or just write continuously some weeks.

  2. Hi
    Thanks for the mention.

    Just a small correction..

    It is only the Timer 21 that needs to be re-punched to fit the A5 Filofax.

    The Timer 17 and Timer 14 fit the Personal Filofax(Timer 17) and Pocket Filofax (Timer 14) perfectly, without the need to re-punch the pages.


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