More planner mashups: JT’s customized system

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It’s always fun to see how people adapt our products to their specific needs and preferences. Steve from Philofaxy matched our French formats with Filofax covers. Author JT Ellison put her academic Equology into the sturdier cover of a Space 24. Here’s how she explained the decision:

I stashed the Equology innards into the red cover of a Space 24. The Equology cover wasn’t stiff enough for me – I like some heft. I used a Coach leather planner for years, that’s the weight I’m used to. But I love the academic calendars – my brain still works on the school year schedule. I doctored the planners together, using the removable notes and email address pages at the back of the Space 24 to use as a To Do List.

I clipped them all together, so now I can see my six month calendar, my daily pages with planning, and flip to my To Do list at the back. Highlighted entries are complete – which means I better get to work!

The poem is from Homer’s Odyssey, a daily prayer to my Muse. I got the idea from Steven Pressfield’s THE WAR OF ART – a must read for anyone indulging in creative endeavors.

Though I’m still keeping my calendar online, I’ve moved almost all my planning and To Do lists back to paper. And wow, it’s such a comfort. At the very least, I have redundancy, which as a writer is one of the most important things to me. But there’s just something so satisfying about putting a line through a completed task, and being able to look back over the weeks at what I’ve been doing instead of hitting the delete key. I doubt I’ll ever go back to planning on the computer.

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