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It’s not every day I get to introduce a guest blogger with the same name, but this morning’s post comes by way of artist Leah Markov-Lindsey, who’s written a very nice review of the Space 24. Thanks, Leah!

I’ve used several planners over the years (Filofax: thin paper, too bulky to carry around; Franklin Covey: love the format for busy jobs, nice paper, pricey, bulky; Moleskine: dreadful paper, sticky cover) but none of them have been able to hold my attention for more than a year or two.

I actually haven’t used a paper planner for a couple of years. My last office job required Outlook, and when I started working as a visual artist full-time, I segued over to iCal, thinking it would be enough. A year and a half later, I realized that it didn’t matter how much information I entered into iCal because I never opened the program to check what was going on! I had stopped writing anything down, and I was forgetting ideas, budgets, deadlines, and appointments.

I finally had a realization shortly after I was diagnosed with Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (at age 29). I need a system that works! My planner had to be functional, sure, but I also need to enjoy using it to ensure that I would write important things down and actually look for them later.

Enter Exacompta’s Space 24. From previous planner experiments, the format that works best for me is weekly, with a page for notes each week. My planner also needs to be good-sized but portable. And have great paper! The Space 24 meets all my requirements.

Here’s a look at how I use my planner.

Inside the front cover, I’ve tucked some pieces of Rhodia paper for notes and a small envelope containing business cards. I’ve added Post-It tabs to the pages”This Year (for the anno-planning pages), This Month (monthly calendar), and This Week (current week).

I use the Notes page to write weekly to-do lists for the three main areas of my life: Home, Art, and Etsy. Then I mark blocks of time for each day (using color-coded highlighters) and transfer my to-do items into that space so I know when I am actually going to work on that task. I use floating pieces of Rhodia paper for art project to-do lists that I know will span more than one week. I’ve added hours into Saturday and Sunday, so that I can better plan weekends.

I love the Clairefontaine paper in Exacompta/Quo Vadis planners! I’ve been a paper junkie for a long time, and I wouldn’t be able to tolerate sub-par paper in something I write on many, many times a day.

I’m also a big fan of the Anno-Planning calendar. I have a hard time visualizing time, especially long-term, and having six months on one page really helps me with the big picture.

And month pages are absolutely necessary for me, so I love that the Space 24 has them. For some reason, it’s hard to find weekly planners that include these. I have to be able to look at months separately or else I just can’t plan ahead.

As I learn more about planning my time, I’m wondering whether one of Quo Vadis’ vertical column weekly planners would work better for me. Once I have gridded out my time blocks in the Space 24, the days visually merge together for me. I am thinking about experimenting with the Minister (adding a monthly calendar) and the Visual.

A final note: I am a very brand-loyal person, and I also try to do business with companies whose business practices I agree with. I love that Quo Vadis planners are made in the USA, and that the paper is made from sustainable harvested forests. I appreciate the wealth of information on the Exaclair website, and I enjoy both the Quo Vadis and Rhodia blogs, which share interesting and helpful information and don’t simply promote their products. [Ed. note: thanks for the compliment!] Exaclair’s excellent customer service is another reason why I will be a customer of (and advocate for) this company’s line of products.

Thank you so much for providing a planner for me to review! I am so much happier now that I am using a paper planner again!

4 thoughts on “Guest post: Leah reviews the Space 24

  1. I love this review so much, that I actually think I will try the Minister for my next planner! I am a photographer, and appreciate so much the images you provided of your agenda and how you use it!

  2. What a nice review, and what interesting methods for adapting the Space 24. The visuals help also, to see what you are explaining. I’ve used the Space 24 this year, Notor last year, and have loved them both. Even though I really liked the Notor, weekly just works better for me as I have more To-Dos/Notes than appointments and tend to plan them a week at a time. I feel very good about Exaclair also, and plan to use their planners forever! For 2011 I plan to try the Note 27, hoping it is similar to Space 24 but with more room, especially for notes. I think the monthly pages are important also, can’t live without them!

  3. Great review! I’m currently using a Franklin Covey knock-off from Daytimer. I’d love to dump the binder format in the trash (due to emotional baggage associated with it) but haven’t found a planner that works like I use the FC. What I use most are the daily “to do” & notes pages and very little of the time/schedule pages. Yet, I need more space in the time/schedule than Notor #21 and bigger size pages than the Space 17. I’m seriously looking at the Note 27.

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