Fountain pens and post-its II

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I was intrigued to read the comment that Ruby made to my post about fountain pens and post-its. She suggested that the sheen that makes post-its so fountain pen unfriendly is actually a residue from the adhesive, and that if you write further down, the ink should adhere better. Another commenter gave it a try and reported good results.

Now, we may all be working with different brands of post-its (I’ve got the “Post-it” brand, which is made by 3M), but my results were underwhelming. A Phileas loaded with J. Herbin’s Bleu Nuit seemed to confirm the effect, but a Perle Noir-loaded Safari performed equally terribly at the top and the bottom of the post-it. So did my Pelikano, which had Poussiere de Lune and whose results I didn’t photograph.

Bottom line, YMMV. I guess I’ll have to get that glue stick Sara mentioned… Maybe I can pick up a liquid pencil while I’m at the stationery store!

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