Calligraphy for beginners

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Our friends at Jet Pen recently started carrying calligraphy nibs by Brause, another member of the Exaclair family. I’ve long admired the calligraphy that I see through blogging friends, so I used it as an excuse to pick up some books at Barnes & Noble (Margaret Shepherd’s Calligraphy Made Easy and Don Marsh’s First Steps guide) and give it a go for myself.

I’ve got some nibs and paper with me here in Westport, so hopefully I’ll find it as easy as Clem says it is!

Do you practice calligraphy?

3 thoughts on “Calligraphy for beginners

  1. Hey Leah, thank you for mentioning me! 🙂 Gentian is right. 🙂 You’ll learn your own tricks through your own faults. I learned that way. But really, it is relatively easy. Do let us know how your calligraphy session turns out. 🙂

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