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I don’t know much about photography beyond what I learned in an introductory class back in high school, when digital SLRs were just a glint in some developer’s eye. After a busy summer, however, I saved up and treated myself to a new Canon Rebel, and have been experimenting ever since.

Up in Westport, I spent a bunch of time trying to shoot seabirds, with varying results. My ultimate goal — to get a heron or an egret in flight — hasn’t happened yet, and I still need to get a better feel for shooting manually. But I do kind of love this admittedly imperfect shot of an egret in a tree branch. He reminds me of a grumpy old man.

I’ve revived an old Flickr account where I’ve posted some additional shots, and hope to take some sort of class in the fall. Here’s to learning!

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