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It’s back-to-school time in the US, and Karen and I have a question for all you students, teachers, and professors: are there any planners you’d like to see in an academic year format? One person emailed us recently to suggest the Space 24, which got us thinking about it.

Here are the formats we currently offer in an academic year format. If there’s something else you’d like to see, let us know!

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  1. I’m currently waiting for a Septanote to arrive. My major preference in a planning calander is to have Sunday as the first day of the week and to have a full day schedule for it. As a newly returned to school, senior citzen, I find that a lot of my big studying and getting together with classmates occurs on Sunday. I like to block out hours of the day ment for study and activities related to school. Outside of Franklin Covey and DayTimer, very few planner makers provide for active Sundays. The old philosophy of everyone is in church on Sunday doesn’t apply as much as it once did. This idea would most likely require a little larger page format, but when one is already carrying around a couple of two inch thick textbook, notebooks and binders, what’s a little extra space for a planner matter. (Thank Heaven for rolling backpack bags! I call mine Scotty because it’s like a little terrier and follows me everywhere I go these days.) Hopefully the Septanote will do the job, but if not, I can always hope.

  2. Actually, I’d like to see the Principal in a Jan.-Dec. format with monthly calendars in the front as I seem to have missed the academic year boat again and wanted to try the format (but then, as with the dailies, I don’t think my local store stocks this version, and it’s important to me to see planners in person).
    Being impatient and fickle, I would also like to see the Journal 21 as an academic year option — the Textagenda layout wastes too much space and the hourly portion to me isn’t usable due to the design.

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