A fine line or a fat one?

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Big books, narrow lines: that’s what the commenters to Karen’s recent post about Journey Books said they wanted.

The question also came up on a recent recent FPN discussion, where several people voiced their preference for a narrow ruling.

We typically do narrow rulings on small notebooks and larger rulings on a bigger ones, but it’s an issue that’s important to people, so I figured I would ask: Which do you prefer? Do your preferences change depending on a notebook’s size, or stay the same?

20 thoughts on “A fine line or a fat one?

  1. My handwriting tends to be on the smaller side, which is why I prefer narrow-lined notebooks and paper. I agree that wide-ruled pages seem like a waste of paper since you end up using less of the page. And my preferences do not vary with the size of the notebook; my handwriting does not get bigger in larger notebooks.

  2. Definitely narrow ruling, no matter the size of the page! I have longed for a 5-6mm ruled notebook that is somewhat larger than the small Quo Vadis Habana for quite some time! A notebook around 6″x8″ or a little larger with narrow ruling would be great! The line ruling is so important to me that I’ve been buying other notebooks (gasp) to fill this need, even though I would much prefer notebooks with Clairefontaine paper and non-spiral binding. 🙁

    Unobtrusive, thin lines would be preferred, but I don’t care what color the lines are. I prefer bright white paper like the Habana, as it shows off my colored inks better, but ivory/cream would be okay, too.

  3. I prefer narrower rules, no matter how large the page is. I find that most notebooks have rule that I feel is too wide… anywhere from 8mm to 1cm.
    I am always in search of the perfect notebook — narrow rule, LIGHTLY ruled (I find dark blue or purple lines distracting), that goes right from one edge of the page to the other with only the header area being of a different ruling.

  4. I always prefer wide lines, no matter what the size of the book, most especially with the bigger books though. Narrow lines just feel cramped and confining, and my writing is too large to fit within them. This is one reason I still use a Clairfontaine spiral or paper-bound notebook for journaling, rather than a nicer bound book like Habana, because all bound books I’ve ever seen have lines that are much too narrow. I guess I’m in the minority, though.

  5. If it is ruled paper then it has to be narrow lines.

    My preference is however for grid or plain (maybe because I hate fat lines?) in a light ink.

  6. I’m not the biggest fan of ruled pages. Honestly, I’d take a blank page over a ruled one more often than not, but when I do want ruling I don’t want it to be super wide.

    I think 5-6mm ruling is perfect. The 8mm+ rule is just a waste of space so far as I’m concerned.

  7. I much prefer light narrow lines. I am now using the large Habana notebooks exclusively for my journal. It is perfect in everything, except that I wish the ruling was more narrow. I am going through one a month, which is pretty fast even for me.

  8. I much prefer narrow lines no matter the size of notebook, and I like using squared notebooks also. Any chance of squared Webbies? I am sure that would become my notebook of choice, it would be perfect for me.

  9. Narrow lines, even tho’ I use B, BB, OBB, OB, IB, and 1.3mm stubs. Even on 8×11 noteboook paper, I always went for college ruled over the broad stuff, even before I knew about good paper. I wonder if I tend to the smaller notebooks [4×6, 5×8] because I’m still hunting the smaller lines.

    Like other posters above, there are times I’ll skip a line or write across 2 if that’s what’s needed, but I default to the smaller automatically. And larger nib sizes don’t automatically mean I want bigger lines. I’m not as worried about more words on a page. I simply want a vague guide for keeping whatever I do write level on the page.

    It’s one of the reasons I prefer very faint lines, in case I prefer to ignore some of them. I’m still experimenting with one of the dot notebooks on the Rhodia side to see if that’s a better idea and encompasses some of the vertical possibilities mentioned by the first poster.

  10. I like to keep my handwriting small and tidy, so I definitely prefer narrow ruling. My preferences don’t change with the notebook size. Although, at first sight, wide ruling in a large notebook doesn’t bother me, I can’t happily use the notebook. I feel like space isn’t being used efficiently enough with wide ruling if I write too small, so I increase my handwriting size to fill the space better, and then everything looks too messy. About 5-6mm ruling works well for me.

  11. Narrow rulings rule regardless of page size. My 7mm ruled daily journal could be 6mm without affecting my handwriting and would allow for more words on a page. Sounds good to me.

  12. I usually tend toward unlined paper, but if I choose lined paper, I prefer narrow, light lines. Here’s why:

    * Sometimes I use the lines as calligraphy graph lines and let my lettering take up two lines.
    * Sometimes I write every other line, so that I can edit myself easily later.
    * Often, I randomly draw and sketch or write in circles and want to be able to ignore the lines.
    * I also love a vertical line {like on notebook or project paper} because of the options that it gives.

    Basically, my dream notebook lets me move between my admin world and creative world. {Most lined notebooks don’t move with me very well. 🙁 thus my preference for unlined notebooks with excellent paper and graph paper.

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