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To celebrate “Back to School” we’re giving away  a  Quo Vadis academic year planner to 10 lucky recipients!

Academic year planners begin in August and end in July.   Students  and teachers use them, organizations and parents who plan around the school year, and people who prefer to start their planner in August instead of mid-December.    Somewhat surprisingly in this age of cell phone and iPads, the sales of academic year planners continue to rise every year.

You can see all our Academic year layouts here.

To enter, just leave a comment on this post before Monday, August 30th at 12:00 EST.   We’ll select the winners at random, and follow up via email to sort out mailing addresses and such.   So please don’t forget to incude an email address when you comment. (Don’t worry, it won’t be published.)

Good luck!

79 thoughts on “Win an Academic Year Planner!

  1. love the idea of getting a head start on 2011 – what with the real job and teaching on the side. if i can get a planner than allows me to handle both – it would be heaven 🙂 thanks – kim

  2. Whew! Maybe I’ll get lucky. I just recently started my senior year in high school and can’t justify buying a planner because the school issues them. The issue is the paper’s awful. Even pencils don’t work nicely! Ewww.

  3. I’ve been eyeballing the Sapa X Academic planner, looks like for it’s size it has a great lay out with plenty of room to write without unnecessary clutter.

  4. I’d love to try a QV planner-haven’t had the opportunity to do so before. I actually think It feels more like a new year starts in September. Everyone back from holidays. New energy. Crisp air. 🙂

  5. Hi Karen:
    Thanks to you and Quo Vadis for offering this opportunity. I would absolutely love to have a Quo Vadis Academic Planner. I have read so much about them and have been “coveting” one for a long time. It would be especially cool if I could use a fountain pen in it, but not critical. To own one would be “plantastic”. Okay, that was lame and corny, but I really would like one…

  6. I’d absolutely love to win an academic planner, as I’m in my junior year of college and have just transferred to a new university. Thank you for this opportunity; my fingers are crossed!

  7. This school year’s busier than ever before. I’ve never used planners before, but I need to start. Would be great to try out a Quo Vadis. Thanks for the giveaway.

  8. I’ve heard that this is a fountain pen friendly planner, and as a fountain pen user I’d love to replace my bleeding (bloody?) Moleskine. Thanks.

  9. I’ve returned to college this fall and have been looking for a new planner and would love to try one of the Septanote planners. Please and thank you.

  10. Hi! I would love to win a planner for my junior year in high school. Everyone knows that organization is the key to success. I would really like to win one, since my school no longer provides us any planners or memos pads.

  11. I am an instructor and my schedule is very complex and ever changing. I would love to try a Quo Vadis as I hear that they will work well with my favorite Pilot Vanishing Point Fountain pens.

  12. I haven’t tried one of these planners yet, but I am going to soon. I use an iPhone for my calender currently, but I think I would enjoy having a physical planner (and more opportunity to use my FPs) better.

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