Where to go: Ocean City

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Ah, the last, precious days of summer… Guest blogger Kate Marshall is back with a recommendation on where to enjoy them: Ocean City, Maryland.

I have to admit that I prefer Ocean City, Maryland to the Jersey beaches (aka, the Shore). In my defense though, it’s primarily because my family started going there when I was child, so it’s partly nostalgic”after almost 20 years of going to the other Ocean City, I consider it my second home. In fact, whenever my friends and I play the when I win the lottery game, my answer usually involves some variation of buy a condo in Ocean City, Maryland and live there full-time.

Sporting ten miles of beach and three miles of boardwalk, Ocean City is a thriving resort town in Maryland’s Worcester County (mmm, Worcester County sauce).

So I recently spent two weeks at my Shore and once again, it was awesome: two weeks of sitting on the beach, reading on the beach, swimming in the ocean, walking along the beach (there is a pattern here, yes). The boardwalk is full of shops (including more Candy Kitchens than is humanely possible, so if you’re into candy, Ocean City has you covered). A variety of hotels, condos, cottages, and bed-and-breakfast homes provide plenty of options for lodgings, although my personal favorite is the Our Place at the Beach condos on Old Landing Road, with gorgeous views of the Assawoman Bay (…yes, that is it’s real name. Yes, it is). The beachfront Atlantis also gets points for resembling a tower of Jenga pieces and being on the beach.

And yes, I’m already planning next year’s vacation. Why I don’t just move to a state with a coastline, I don’t know. I’d probably save money in the long run.

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