Turn Your Handwriting Into A Font

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Browsing the counters at Fahrney’s Pens in Washington, DC, I noticed some beautiful hand-lettered signs.   They were made by one of the employees. She was kind enough to demo her skill, creating small, perfect letters effortlessly.   I was amazed.   I told her she ought to create a font from her hand-writing.

A few days later, I was busy cleaning out a closet and came upon an old Remington Rand typewriter.   I decided I wanted to start using it again–for something, maybe thank you notes. I missed the feel of the keys, and I also missed the font.   (For those of you who don’t have an old typewriter handy in the closet(!), you can go to Vintage Type for a typewriter-look to your writing.

I have terrible, horrible hand-writing, but its me. That’s one of the reasons I like to write with fountain pens is that I automatically express my individuality. Writing on the computer makes it easier to read, but much less personal.

But there is an alternative:  YourFonts.com  allows you to create your own OpenType fonts from your handwriting.    They even show some samples here.

It will take me more than the “few minutes” they promise to carefully prepare each letter and number, follow their instructions,  locate the downloaded file on my computer and then install it successfully. More like a few hours. But I’ll have time on vacation and I would like to try. I’ll share my results in a future post on Quo Vadis Blog.   If anyone has done this and would like to show us your font, please send us a screenshot.

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