The Sharpie liquid pencil

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Ooh, this looks interesting: the Sharpie liquid pencil. Made from “liquid graphite” and introduced on the company blog earlier this month, it’s been making its way through the Internet at a fairly rapid clip.

The idea, one gathers, is that it’s initially erasable, then becomes permanent with time. How much time is unclear; some sources are saying 24 hours, others give you up to three days. (“But unlike a Sharpie permanent marker, you will always be able to erase it to some degree,” according to a company update.)

The liquid pencil will be available in the US in September, though there’ve already been a couple of sightings at Office Depot. Have you tried it?

3 thoughts on “The Sharpie liquid pencil

  1. I’ve tried a liquid lead pencil but not this one. In fact few people remember that Parker made on for years in the late 1950s and other manufactures had tried the concept too. I’ll be interested to see if this return to the concept writes like the vintage pen I used a while back (It was very lucky to find one with a refill still usable and in the celluloid wrap). More historic info:

  2. I have tried it – and have used one off and on all week. It’s strange. Far more of a pencil/pen hybrid than a true pencil. But it’s nice to keep in my bag for times that a pencil is nice but not practical. I still prefer a mechanical or wood pencil.

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