Planners and notes: Massimo’s prototypes

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Here’s some food for thought for those of you who want more space for notes in your planners… reader Massimo Camocardi, an Italian schoolteacher who has used Quo Vadis planners for years (here’s a picture of his first one from 1980), recently sent us two prototypes he devised for his President.

We don’t do product design here in the US, though we’re always happy to forward your suggestions on to France. But Karen and I still figured it’d be fun to share these designs on the blog in a sort of DIY spirit.

Massimo’s first design is something that would actually be difficult to implement by yourself on an entire planner, not least of all because you’d need to cut and reassemble two separate planners to do it — unless I misunderstand how this works. Nonetheless, it’s a creative idea, and could work if you’re the type of crafty soul who makes your own planners each year: insert a blank set of notes in between each week.

(As a side note, be sure to click through for a closeup of Massimo’s wonderful drawings!)

The second prototype is something that is better adapted to DIY; as Massimo explains:

I made two pages for each week sewn to the center opening to the outside.

To do this yourself what you’d want, I imagine, is to flip it, so that you tape or paste a notes page to the outside edge of one of your planner pages and let that open inwards.

One thought on “Planners and notes: Massimo’s prototypes

  1. The prototypes are really interesting, in particular I like the second one!
    I like the idea of devoting the external pages to ‘official’ notes (work, commitments, business) and of devoting the internal pages (memoriae) to the personal notes. So, it is possible to reconcile agenda and diary.
    I think I will follow your idea… but I think it would be good to have something like this available on the market.

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