Planning and style: An interview with Lani

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Lani Rosenstock Inlander is a professional style consultant and occasional guest blogger. Here, she talks about how she got started, what inspires her, and tips for summer dressing.

Please introduce yourself! Where are you from, where do you live, and what do you do for a living?

My name is Lani Rosenstock Inlander. I am the owner and chief stylist of Real Life Style, a style consulting firm in NY and DC.

How did you get interested in fashion?

The best I’ve ever been able to explain it is that I suddenly started reading fashion magazines incessantly in the 8th grade. I would memorize all of the designers’ lines to the point where if you opened up a page in Vogue I could tell you who designed the outfit.

What inspires you these days?

I would say travel is a big inspiration for me. I’m going to Argentina in October and I can’t wait to see the style in Buenos Aires. I’m told the leather goods are amazing and there are a ton of adorable boutiques just waiting to be discovered.

Any tips for looking good in the wilting heat of summer?

It is all about a dress and a stylish, comfortable sandal. Lipstick and mascara help too. Who can tell that the rest of your face has melted off if you have a long-wearing lipstick and waterproof mascara on?

I understand you use a Daily Pocket Diary to keep track of your schedule… Can you tell us how you use it? Do you write down lists and ideas or just record your appointments?

I am obsessed with my Daily Pocket Diary! I use the monthly planner in the front to keep track of which days I’m in NY or DC so that I can schedule with clients most efficiently. My schedule changes almost hourly so a paper diary and a sharp pencil (with an eraser!) are essential for me. I also use the daily pages for my to do list that day.

What other creative outlets do you have, aside from fashion?

I don’t sew but I like to make jewelry for myself and my clients.

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