Mix and match: When notebooks collide

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At the moment, we sell our staplebound Basics notebooks either singly or in “duo packs” of two books. There are four different cover colors, and our current duo packs bundle them together in black + tan and red + green covers.

Recently, though, we noticed that an Australian vendor is selling custom-made duo packs with two books of the same color. And so we got to thinking: what are the best color combinations for a duo pack? Black is the most popular color on an individual basis; should we encourage people to branch out with duo packs of black + red or black + green? What about tan + red or green?

What color combinations would you most like to see?

9 thoughts on “Mix and match: When notebooks collide

  1. I love the same colors together, too. But otherwise, the green + black is cool. Other colors: Deep purple and deep blue would be heaven. Emerald green. Jewel tones for me!

  2. I dislike multi-coloured packs – I like my notebooks to match. Yay to the Aussies for repackaging in matching pairs, I say!

  3. Love the green tan and black red combo, but would also like to see a soft blue and soft green; maybe a black and light blue or blue and tan. I love all of these though!

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