Lions and tigers and bears… and blueberries!

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It’s hotter’n hell in New York, but before the heat wave struck Sunday, I went for a holiday hike near the Monksville Reservoir in Ringwood, New Jersey.

First, we saw a wild turkey running hard in the opposite direction. Then we saw a pile of dung on the trail. Finally, we spotted this beautiful black bear eating blueberries from a nearby patch. She (or he, not that I could tell the difference) didn’t seem to mind being photographed, so I took a couple shots to document the experience.

Afterwards, we even managed to pick a few berries for ourselves… at a safe distance, of course.

One thought on “Lions and tigers and bears… and blueberries!

  1. That’s a fantastic photo!

    I saw a black bear cub this morning, at 5:45 a.m. when our dog barked to announce the bear’s presence in our (Colorado) driveway.

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