How important is a monthly overview?

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As long-time readers know, we’re always playing a game of give and take with our planner pages; some people like certain features and want to see them expanded, while others would prefer to swap them for something else — fewer maps in exchange for more notes pages, for example.

One thing that came up again recently is the monthly planning view. Some, but not all, of our daily and weekly formats have one, and a reader recently suggested that we work to bring the feature to those that don’t. In exchange, she suggested scrapping the address book:

I, personally, do not use the little address book in the back of the planner (I just add people and their contact information in my phone, and if I forget it, I have enough place on the day’s notes page to take note of it), or the maps. A couple of the notes pages is helpful. But taking out the address book and maps might be able to save about 6 sheets – enough to make monthly views.

What about it? Are you dying to add a monthly view to your daily or weekly format of choice? Would you be willing to scrap the address book to get it?

13 thoughts on “How important is a monthly overview?

  1. I love the vertical Septanote form, but I really wish I had a monthly view for myself. I’m always considering another planner next year because I just need a monthly view- and I don’t see why we should have to buy another planner to stick into ours- when other planners include the monthly view for free.

  2. I’m not sure if this discussion is still open, but after using the Trinote this year, I would LOVE to see bound weekly pages, instead of the address book, even. I haven’t tried the monthly inserts because after printing them, there is so little room for writing in the boxes (and I’m not keen on the rest of the design) that I don’t bother.

    At any rate, yes! to the monthly view to my weekly layout!

  3. definitely the monthly view. you need to get the big picture, see weekends, trips, etc. nobody uses addresses anymore, do they? monthly views and note pages!

  4. Monthly views are important to me also. I use them mainly for events, birthdays, anniversaries, monthly to-dos that can’t be classified to any certain day or week. I don’t have a smartphone yet, but don’t use the address book either as I haven’t liked any that have come with my planner and I seldom need addresses when I am away from my laptop at home. Phone #’s I keep in my regular cell phone. I’d be willing to sacrifice the address book for monthly views and a few more Notes pages! Thanks for asking.

  5. Most definitely. The address book is virtually useless to me. Everywhere my planner goes, my cell phone goes as well. And with most people using smartphones that carry all of their contact information, the physical address book is expendable. I’d love to see some monthly views instead. It’s the one thing keeping the quovadis planners from being perfect!

  6. A monthly overview is essential for me (also with room to write in). I have printed out the quo vadis calendar to put into the front of my planner each month, but I’d rather see it my planner. I wouldn’t even mind if my book was thicker by a few pages!

  7. For me, a monthly overview (with day boxes large enough to write in) is absolutely essential. I’d be willing to give up the address booklet for it.

  8. Absolutely not – I love the little address book and the ability to keep track of who current correspondents/contacts are in a given year. When I need a monthly overview, I simply use Google calendar.

    It seems many people use redundant (paper & electronic)calendaring and address systems. What I like about having the address book paired to a yearly calendar is that you have current addresses for that year. Of course I have contacts saved electronically as well, but it’s not date sensitive.

  9. I would LOVE to see the address book replaced by monthly views for the whole year. I also do not use the address book section.

    I’m one of those who is trying to reconcile the digital age with my love of writing instruments and paper. Although I use a paper planner I still have an iPhone. The iPhone is just better for keeping up with and organizing contact info. I simply print out my contact list so that I have a hard copy in addition to the digital copy on my phone.

    Monthly views please!

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