Fountain pens and post-its

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It’s not hard to appreciate the virtues of thick, strong, smooth paper. Now that I write with fountain pens, I value them even more what better way to showcase my lovely J. Herbin inks? For the past year, I’ve been using my fountain pens for everyday deskbound tasks like writing and note-taking and lists. (The next step, as I mentioned earlier, is taking them out of the house.) And I’ve been able to integrate them into nearly everything I do at my desk, with one strange but stubborn exception: Post-it notes.

I don’t use post-its that often now that I’ve begun to incorporate a Rhodia mousepad into my quote-unquote time management system. But I’m always looking for ways to prevent myself from overlooking the little things I need to do or keep track of each day, and bright yellow Post-its are a still an integral part of that arsenal.

Post-it brand post-its are actually pretty sturdy. But they’ve got this strange sort of sheen overlay that’s just death for fountain pens. Even Herbin ink performs badly; it’s splotchy and there’s lots of feathering. Here it is in a fine-nibbed Pelikano:

And here it is in the same pen on 90g Clairefontaine:

In the grand scheme of things, of course, this is hardly a big deal. (For whatever reason, my Phileas, whose medium nib is comparatively thin, performs somewhat better on post-its.) I’m still curious, though: what does the sheen accomplish? Does it make the post-it stronger or less susceptible to water damage? At this rate, you’d be better off writing on cheap printer paper. Maybe I’ll have to try the 4X4 Post-its that get such good reviews on FPN…

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  1. This got me curious so I had to give it a try. I used Noodler’s Black and Navy Blue, in Lamy Safaris, on the super sticky post-its, and have no problem. The area where the sticky part is does have some residue, but, if you move down a little these two inks seem to work good. The dry time is instant with no feathering. Sorry I can’t give you some pics.

  2. I mentioned this on Twitter but I thought I would post a note here too…
    3m & Avery both makes a glue stick with the temporary adhesive found on temporary sticky notes.
    I snagged a stick and now any paper can be used as a post-it.
    (It’s great for recycling partially used papers too!) :o)

  3. Several months ago a mechanical pencil found its way onto my desk. Sometimes margin notes just need to be erased, you see. Turns out the MP works great on Post-It paper, too. It may not have the charm of a fountain pen, but it does have its uses.

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