Vintage file boxes

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They may not be as breathtakingly intricate as antique writing boxes, but vintage file boxes are still pretty cool. My boyfriend brought this one home a few days ago from his office; it was given to him by a former colleague, and there’s a yellowing card that says “FILING” that’s still taped to its side. Kind of makes you want a typewriter, eh?

I photographed it outside since the light is better, but we’re going to keep it in our living room and use it to store mail.

2 thoughts on “Vintage file boxes

  1. Oh dear. We have these all over our office building. Because that’s how old our stuff is. I’ll have to show this to my coworkers. Or, maybe not…

  2. Lots of love for vintage wooden boxes! In addition to the box being wooden (which they aren’t so much anymore), look at those joints! The maker of that box gave way more care and attention to it than most pieces of furniture produced today.

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