The Note 27: My big fat luxurious planner

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I prefer a smaller datebook for the sake of portability, but the splendid new Note 27 Karen sent me makes me want to reconsider. It’s difficult to describe just how luxurious this planner feels. The paper is gorgeous, thick and glossy and smooth and crying out, in its understated ivory way, for fountain pens and tasteful inscriptions. A picture, and my pictures in particular, could never do it justice, but feast your imagination:

The layout gives you a full page for each week’s appointments and another page for notes; unlike many of our other planners, there’s also plenty of space for Sundays. There’s an address book insert tucked inside (its white cover sort of clashes with the other pages, but the paper itself is ivory), an “anno-planning” feature that gives you a quick overview of the year, and the usual maps and reference charts.

Alas, my little point-and-shoot camera did no justice whatsoever to my ink tests, but hopefully you’ll get the idea — beautiful feather-free writing and no bleed-through or show-through with anything other than a Sharpie. (And frankly, if you’re using this planner, I’d suggest you use a different writing utensil, anyway. It’s very classy.)

9 thoughts on “The Note 27: My big fat luxurious planner

  1. The Note 27 has a 2-page “Anno Planning” calendar of the current year in the front of the book. It also has 2-page Anno Planning spread of the following year in the back, along with a 3-year (previous, current, following) calendar.

    The cover above is the Soya. Hope this helps!

  2. What a great planner! I may use it for 2011 even with the bigger size. Questions–does it have any monthly/semi-annual/annual calendars in the front or back like the Space 24? Is the address book bound in? Also, which cover is illustrated above? Thanks.

  3. Yes, this is probably much easier to use as a desktop planner… unfortunately, it’s slightly smaller than the Prenote, so the covers won’t fit one another.

    Thanks for your comments!

  4. Starting our own business has become hectic and during meeting I find I am in need of a place to take notes, more and more often. This looks perfect. It looks big enough to open across my lap, It has a place to take notes and the paper looks sturdy enough to handle the fountain pens I use. I am very excited about this –

    What I would like to know is if a refill will be available will fir the cover I use now with Prenote “8 x 1/4 ” X “11 3/4” cover

    If it does – I am very excited!

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