Planners and idea notebooks

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Many writers keep idea notebooks — myself included — to catch the random thoughts that cross their minds all day. One savvy reader has an intriguing method for keeping things a little more organized; in an email exchange, he explains:

i use planners to keep notes and ideas. i find it’s easier to refer back to the notes and ideas by just flipping back through the days or weeks. it’s much more organized than if i just kept an ‘idea’ notebook. that was just chaos.

Afterwards, our correspondent uses a Habana notebook to elaborate on the ideas he wants to develop. Pretty cool system, huh?

4 thoughts on “Planners and idea notebooks

  1. I use an undated excompta “forum” notebook for just this thing. 1) it is easy to refill my groovy pink club cover, and 2) some days I want to sketch drawings for my jewelry or I am out looking for inspirations and I can easily switch from the undated forum planner to the “blank page” refill.
    Some days ideas and lists just flow. I like the undated feature because some weeks I have so much going on I am using more than one page with the the same date – other times not so much. It has become the “daily” record keeper, while my planner is more specific and has fewer “to do lists” that sometimes change hourly. I love them all!

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