Notebook hack: Lauren’s elastic fantastic

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Funny story: I was just watching a new video we made for Clairefontaine (Karen’s going to blog about it later), and followed one of the automatically generated suggestions to find the clip that’s embedded above.

Who was “Brian,” I thought to myself — could it be Brian Goulet? Sure enough, I emailed him, and he knew exactly what this was. One of his customers, Lauren Irby (irbyls on the FPN), purchased some Basics notebooks, and he sent her follow-up note asking for her feedback. One thing led to another, and Brian ended up featuring her elastic band notebook hack on his blog back in April.

Lauren also, of course, made this video, which seems to have gotten lost in the shuffle until I stumbled across it yesterday. Funny coincidence, eh? Anyway, it’s a cool demonstration, so I figured I’d feature it here.

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