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Earlier this month, I found out that Quo Vadis in France is manufacturing a planner in Chinese for sales in China. That’s a switch!

Around this time each year, Exaclair places an order for planners in languages other than English. These include French, German, Italian and Spanish. Most of these books are destined for Europa Books on State Street in Chicago, a bookstore that sells books in different languages.

The “foreign language” editions do not include U.S., Canadian or Australian holidays, but the holidays of the home country. We do produce a French-Canadian edition for sale (mostly) in Quebec, which includes North American holidays.

Would you be interested–or curious–about using a planner in another language besides English?

4 thoughts on “Foreign Language Editions

  1. I’m learning Italian, talk about a great immersion program! They would be especially good for extended travel overseas, planning those trips, and envisioning the lives of others. Very cool idea.

  2. I’d love a planner in Swedish – or for the Scandinavian/Nordic countries (Sweden has such a small population, so I think one could broaden it to Scandinavia). I’d love to see QVs products here too! 🙂

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