Doodle and eat with Graphkins

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Here’s something I couldn’t resist purchasing at the Glass House gift shop: Graphkins, these cute little graph paper napkins. Made of 2-ply recycled paper, they measure 6.5″ square and come ready to be written on with a light blue printed graph background. As Colin O’Dowd, their inventor, explains on his website:

Some of the world’s greatest designs, famous buildings and innovative ideas have all started out as sketches on paper napkins. Now with graphkin you can doodle n’ dine with real accuracy!

At $6.50 for a pack of 12, they weren’t cheap, and I suppose it goes without saying that they weren’t very fountain pen friendly. Still, for a small dinner party, what a great conversation starter! They’re available through Colin’s online shop for 3.50 GBP; I couldn’t find any other North American vendors, but if you live near New Canaan, CT, you can swing by the gift shop and pick up a pack for yourself.

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