St. Patrick’s Day Ink Offer

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The last bottle from the March 17th offer was mailed last week.   A sincere   thank you to all the winners who waited so  patiently.  

We kept running out of one green ink color after another. Orange, too! We would wait for the ship to arrive  from France, and then wait for the ink to reach us from the port in Montreal. Twice, the entire shipment of ink was sold out even before it was put on shelves.

I usually write to every person to let them know their ink is on the way. For the first time I didn’t do this automatically–mostly because I was waiting to hear how much ink I could get after the ship cleared customs and arrived at the warehouse.

Once an individual responded to the offer, unless they had a question or didn’t include their address, they probably didn’t hear back from me–I just sent their choice of ink as soon as it arrived in the office.

In retrospect, I think that was a mistake. People had bottles arriving weeks, or a month, or even two months (gulp!) after they contacted me. I should have taken the extra time to have sent an email or included a note.  In retrospect I regret that I did not and won’t handle things the same way again.

We have two possible J. Herbin ink-give-a-ways:   Bastille Day in July, which would feature Herbin’s red and blue inks; or Harvest colors in the fall (September) – yellows (corn, squash, leaves), browns (leaves, nuts), orange (leaves, pumpkins, turnips), and reds (leaves, wine, apples).

The top vote-getter wins!   Please comment on this blog with your choice of   “Bastille Day” or “Fall Harvest” no later than June 15.

Once I know what give-a-way we’re doing, I can begin to stockpile some inks!

(Thanks to Biffybeans for her luscious photography!)

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  1. would like to try Rouge Caroubier please if i’m still able to make it to the give-away or if you have it. thanks so much.

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