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“I purchased a Trinote planner,” a QV customer wrote, “and for the most part, I am happy; however, it does not have a month-at-a-glance.   I like the space for notes after each day, and I like the hours through 9:00 pm. I am a psychotherapist and need the daily hours to list all my appointments; however, I also use my planner for meetings, case consultations, and for personal use, so a monthly calendar would be nice to have as well.   What would you suggest for a refill? I hate to throw this one out but it really does not provide all that I need.”

Unfortunately for this Trinote user, we do not have any plans to add monthly pages.   It will make the book too large for the refillable cover; and make it more expensive as well because of extra pages and printing.

As a stopgap measure I would suggest that she either get a Monthly 4 refill–which is the same size as the Trinote–and stick it between the back cover and the book and hold it  inside with an elastic band.   I would be happy to send her one of our new bookmarks to keep it in place.

Another possibility would be  to buy a pocket-size  Visoplan or Exaplan refill and tuck them in an inside cover flap.   I have done that myself when I needed a monthly overview to back up my weekly planner.

My suggestion for 2011 would be to purchase a Visual or Space 24   instead of a Trinote, or, sad to say, find another brand that better meets your needs.   The Visual and the Space 24 both have built in monthly planning pages.

Your suggestions for Quo Vadis and any other DIY solutions would be welcome.

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  1. I just wanted to suggest some ideas, since I would also like monthly views (although I use the Notor). Perhaps my idea would help for most planners. I, personally, do not use the little address book in the back of the planner (I just add people and their contact information in my phone, and if I forget it, I have enough place on the day’s notes page to take note of it), or the maps. A couple of the notes pages is helpful. But taking out the address book and maps might be able to save about 6 sheets – enough to make monthly views. We would only need one side of a page to make a monthly view. It wouldn’t make the books too much larger. I don’t know – I think it might be possible. I’m hoping it is, anyway. It would be a great feature.

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