Medieval Vienna

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I didn’t have time to take any pictures in France, but at the moment I’m settled in Vienna — where I lived 9 years ago, and where I’m back to visit friends and hang out — and I’m doing a much better job of whipping out my little point-and-shoot whenever I’m inspired.

The city, as my mother once remarked, looks like the top of a wedding cake; the buildings are big and baroque and there are lots of random statues of illustrious men on horses. Which is fine, and impressive, but after a while all those marble pillars and delicate gilded carvings start to look the same to my eye. I prefer to seek out the few remaining traces of medieval Vienna, like the ivy covered Ruprechtskirche, which is one of the earliest churches ever built in the city and is of refreshingly humble stature, both inside and out.

It’s not like medieval architecture can’t be frilly, bombastic, or repetitive, but isn’t this just lovely, with the stones and the vines and the moss growing over the statue?

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  1. I’m not sure what it is, Kate… It’s definitely some sort of awareness thing; the words translate to “For more tolerance.” But I haven’t seen that slogan, or any other red ribbons, elsewhere in the city. There’s a synagogue right around the corner, so maybe that’s what the message is referring to.

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