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Irises are very easily one of my top 5 favorite flowers, and I’ve been trying to grow them for ages. Two years ago, I put them in a too-shady spot in my garden, and they thrived but didn’t bloom. Last year, I moved them to the sun and gave them a shot of compost — more foliage, but still no flowers.

A couple weeks ago, I passed by a community garden and noticed what seemed like hundreds of irises in bloom, and began to think that maybe I was just cursed when it came to this flower. Thankfully, my mother, a long-time iris gardener in the midwest, was able to straighten me out, and explained that what I was seeing were probably German irises (of course the Germans would be early); my Siberians, she said, were on the late shift. Lo and behold, this weekend — irises! They’re healthy, they’re blossoming, and I couldn’t be happier. Or prouder, for that matter.

It’s cold and rainy in New York, but I’m still happy for spring!

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